The Buzz on Jazz Websites

October 22, 2008

Jazz websites have become a hot asset to new Jazz artist as well as established Jazz artist.  As the manager for a new independent Jazz guitarist (Dave Percell) it has become essential to hang out and become familiar with some of the best Jazz websites on the internet.  Two of my favorite Jazz sites are The Jazz Network and  These two sites have been incredible resources for me.

It’s true that “Who You Know” can make or break an artist, and that is why I love The Jazz Network.  We have connected with not only other Jazz artist/musicians, but the variety of producers, Radio stations, podcasters, and publicist  that are literally at our finger tips has been a huge blessing.  We have connected with Radio stations broadcasting both in the US, Australia, and the UK in which some of them fish for fresh Indie artist from this website to assemble their playlist and broadcast on air and online.  The Indie Showcase is just one radio station that has aired Dave Percell recently and of course is a contact that we met through The Jazz Network. As with other profile sites you can take advantage of meeting new friends, sending invites to upcoming events to your friends, play your tracks and music on your profile site through the use of their online MP3 player, post bulletins, join groups, and so much more.  The connections on this site is amazing. is one the most Jazz artist/musician friendly sites around. Where do I start with this site? Their is just so much you can do. They aren’t their just to make money, they are their to help artist promote their Jazz music, and it’s evident with the amount of free resources and exposure they give to Jazz musicians.  Every day this site features a daily MP3 download that gives an awesome amount of exposure to the artist.  It is featured on their home page, and picked up by other article sites, bloggers, and online news websites. It was honor to be able to have Dave Percell’s song “Eternal Traveler” featured on this site as it drove an enormous amount of traffic to our CD Baby Site as well as Dave Percell’s Myspace and official website.

Article writing is a great key to internet marketing, which is yet another reason to fall in love with this website. All About Jazz allows you to submit articles on Jazz artist, upcoming events, festival, general news etc. and feature it; which is again picked up by multiple websites thus sending traffic to your other websites.  In case your wondering this is all 100% FREE EXPOSURE! Yes people FREE EXPOSURE! The industry resources include music bloggers, publicist, Production companies, and many more …. and yes again its free……AND it includes the contact information to who you need to contact within these companies.

There are many more reasons to love these two Jazz websites, but hopefully what I wrote so far will cause you to go there and start exploring these sites for yourself because they will be a great asset to your musical career.

Don’t forget to check out Dave Percell’s official website Here. He is an incredible Latin Jazz guitarist…you can view some of the articles written on his music to the right of this page, or just go to his website and experience his music for yourself.

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Upon releasing his first album, “Eternal Traveler”, Jazz guitarist, Dave Percell has already created a vibrant¬† buzz around the internet as one of the hottest new Latin Jazz Guitarist.

Although this is his first CD, Dave Percell is no stranger to the music industry. Dave Percell started out on the guitar at 10 years old. His passion and talent was quickly recognized and he began playing studio sessions and live gigs with well known artist during his teen years in the Washington DC area.

After moving to California, Dave Percell pursued a career in the photographic industry as well as having continued to play guitar for artist in both the secular and Christian music industry.

In 2006, Dave Percell fell in love with a latin flamenco guitar style, after playing with gospel recording artist Chuckie Perez. With having already mastered a fusion style of music, he decided to combine a fusion technique with flamenco melodies to create his new signature style: “Jazz with a Latin Persuasion”.

In releasing his new CD, “Eternal Traveler”, Dave Percell says that this album is a depiction of a new journey and a fresh start down an exciting path. Unlike a lot of jazz music on the market, “Eternal Traveler” is enjoyed by a wide commercial audience, not just for musicians. Dave Percell invites you to travel with him on an eternal journey, as you experience the hot new flavor of this Eternal Traveler.

Here is a sample song titled “Eternal Traveler” From his new CD.¬† ***Enjoy***


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